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  • Updates!

  • A lot has happened in the past few months. Snohomish Tattoo & Piercing Studio is doing great - we keep getting busier, and you won't find me complaining, though it does cut into the fun time hooking my friends up with art of various mediums. I was able to knock out some shirt designs and the compilation art for this year's Ghoul's Night Out show. As always, a pleasure to work with Matt Feltwater and the GNO crew. gno_13_comp_02 I'm working with the folks from Crypticon to organize the Sound of Horror: Halloween Ball, October 26th at Studio Seven. With a little more effort and a wee bit of luck, we'll have some announcements regarding the event in the next week or so. Currently, working on script revisions with a good friend, Kevin Milliken, for as yet unannounced project... more on that (and I can't wait to start talking at length about it!) Working steadily on the HadesMachine music, and in the early stages of another musical endeavor. Ohhh.. all these things I can't quite spit out yet. Soooooon! So soooon!!!
  • I don’t see this every day…

  • I'm wrapping up the art on the Darrow Chemical Company releases, and just saw this last night - was J.V.'s birthday recently, and this not only takes the cake, it is the cake. Awesome.
  • HadesMachine shirts available this week!

  • We've got a pair of HadesMachine shirts ready to go! Will be printing this week, so soon as they're off the press y'all can order some!
  • Finished Darrow Chemical Company – A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue art

  • I've been working with J.V. on the Darrow Chemical Company release art - awesome chance to do something out of the ordinary for a release any horrorpunk fan should get in their collection. That being said, click here to visit their online store and show support for good music! If you want to take it one step further, visit the Robot Monster site to add banners to your site - I posted a print ready 11x17 promo poster in PDF format if you want that too!
  • Now at Snohomish Tattoo & Piercing Studio – 122 Ave A #6N, Snohomish WA 98290 – 360.799.3791

  • I opened up my own tattoo studio here in Snohomish on June 1st, and so far the response has been great. More than doubled first month's work already and no sign of it letting up. Many of the local businesses I've worked with in the past have been supportive and helped get the word out as to where folks should go to get their fresh ink, or get their old / unwanted / poorly done tattoos fixed. The studio web site is located at http://www.snohomishtattoo.com