A lot has happened in the past few months. Snohomish Tattoo & Piercing Studio is doing great - we keep getting busier, and you won't find me complaining, though it does cut into the fun time hooking my friends up with art of various mediums. I was able to knock out some shirt designs and the compilation art for this year's Ghoul's Night Out show. As always, a pleasure to work with Matt Feltwater and the GNO crew. gno_13_comp_02 I'm working with the folks from Crypticon to organize the Sound of Horror: Halloween Ball, October 26th at Studio Seven. With a little more effort and a wee bit of luck, we'll have some announcements regarding the event in the next week or so. Currently, working on script revisions with a good friend, Kevin Milliken, for as yet unannounced project... more on that (and I can't wait to start talking at length about it!) Working steadily on the HadesMachine music, and in the early stages of another musical endeavor. Ohhh.. all these things I can't quite spit out yet. Soooooon! So soooon!!!

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